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50 outstanding albums to celebrate 50 years of Bowers & Wilkins.



Bowers & Wilkins have always had a unique approach to sound and what better way to celebrate their 50th year than by looking at contemporary music through that lens - examining music and artists that broke the mould in their recording, composition or approach to sound.

Working with acclaimed music journalist Mark Barry, we identified 49 iconic albums and asked the public to submit their ideas for the 50th. The prize - beyond peer kudos across Bowers & Wilkins vibrant Facebook community - was all 50 albums on original Vinyl.

Exploring the albums

Art Direction

We defined a consistent art direction for the album photography - allowing us to rapidly shoot each album. We also created spread shots - unpacking the often lavish album artwork and content for the community to pour over. Lastly, the site is made more unique by taking key colours from the artwork itself - turning each album page in to a celebration.

Continual value


The campaign was highly successful, generating unprecedented buzz online and strong levels of Marketing email sign ups. The site will continue after the campaign, providing ongoing value and interest.

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