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A tasty new site for the UK’s most read recipe and food lifestyle mag.

A place for everything

Structure began in 2007 as the digital version of the print magazine of the same name. Our brief was single minded: to create a step change in site traffic by driving engagement, improving ad visibility and beefing up user experience.

Features like smart filters removed duplicate content while a simplified architecture helps readers get to what they need quicker than ever.

Delicious in your pocket


With over 60% of readers visiting on mobile devices, we knew the site would need to be a mobile-first experience optimised around vertical viewing.

The interface was based on a consistent, distinctive card-based system that leverages natural gestures like swipes on mobile, unpacking to a sumptuous experience on larger monitors. The card system provides critical sign-posting of content while also getting out of the way and letting the content shine.

Recipe for success.


With stunning imagery and rich editorial content, we wanted the minimal design to emphasise the focus on the food, whilst ensuring the recipe decision-making process was as simple as possible. With 25,000 recipes, the structure needs to be there - but you don’t need to see it. It “just works”.

"Working with our pre-existing content, SOON created a simplified, elegant and commercially hard-working design, with superb care and attention paid to all detail from the overall site hierarchy down to the smallest illustrated star. The responsive design feels light touch and intuitive, giving our beautiful food content more than just room to breathe – it has room to sing an aria!"

Vic Grimshaw - Head of Digital, Eye to Eye Media

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