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A new brand identity for the UK’s National Volunteering platform.

An accessible brand


The Do-it visual identity needed to be immediately identifiable, bold but with an eye on accessibility. A true brand-for-all, we aimed to make the visual identity approachable, clear, simple and strong. From typefaces to a flexible secondary palette, we sought to make every element flexible, usable and considered.

Working hard


The brand needed to work digitally, but also in the most hostile print environments imaginable. As a mark that appears on as diverse a mix of literature - from annual reports to hand photocopied leaflets in volunteer centres - we needed a mark that could be implemented consistently even by consumers with zero knowledge of design.


Art Direction

We wanted to create a library of iconic, consistent and contemporary imagery to lift the Do-it site and provide a resource ongoing that sets a different, more premium tone than the majority of stale and cliched volunteering imagery.

By recruiting real volunteers (using we reduced model costs to zero, volunteering our own time to both plan, art direct and photograph the shoot. Years on, the imagery still feels fresh, real and aspirational.

“I am pretty blown away by what you’ve all achieved and am extremely grateful for giving us such a great new platform; it’s going to have a huge impact - so thank you very, very much.”

Jamie Ward-Smith - CEO, Do-it

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