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Celebrating 50 years of audio excellence with the relaunch of their iconic headphone range.


Lifestyle & Artists

Bowers & Wilkins carries a visual identity that leans towards minimalism. Bringing people into the creative mix - essential for wearable audio products like headphones - therefore provides unique challenges. Our solution: collaborate directly with established recording artists, simply to talk about their relationship with sound and capture the results, layering on meaning beyond a traditional model shoot or endorsement deal.

Demonstration & Brand Building Simultaneously

Contextual Creative

The product is always the star; but contextual location shoots allowed us to also show the scale of the product, trigger craft and material cues in the viewer and allow the consumer to put themselves in to usage scenarios.


Product Focus

With products this hot, sometimes you just have to step back and let them sell themselves. As such, we balanced the output of the artist shoots with clean products shoots & informercial films used online and in POS.

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