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A competition platform to fuel the next generation of innovation in Ford vehicles.

Discovering new talent


The Annual Ford Make It Driveable Event brings together startups to discover new ideas and introduce more apps into their cars. Startups that apply get the chance to work 1:1 with senior Ford execs, delivering real results over a 24 hour period, ultimately competing to win a share of €30k in cash.

To ensure we met the deadline, we ran 3 strands of work alongside one another; the concept phase, business analysis and fact finding and research into online application forms with which we could integrate seamlessly with the site. The site is designed primarily for developers and tech specialists, so we worked to create an enjoyable online experience that looked familiar to those applying.

Technically at home


The bright palette provides the event with a fresh edge whilst the coding structure throughout represents the innovative, technically advanced nature of the competition.

Lock-in the logo


We designed a set of illustrations to demonstrate the benefits of entering the event and refined the event logo to ensure brand consistency across their 9-stop country tour.

A streamlined application process


After much research into a variety of recruitment platforms to find one best suited to the project, we decided upon Recruitee, which provides Ford with a rich set of tools to manage the applications. We worked hard to customise their default application form to create a seamless user experience by integrating with their API.

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