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Launching the new ParalympicsGB site for PyeongChang 2018 Winter Games.



We were immensely proud to work so closely with the British Paralympic Association and ParalympicsGB team in preparation for the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Games. The project involved rationalising and unifying the Team and Corporate websites in a bid to engage more fans, increase the reach and relevance of Paralympic sport and finally shift conversation away from disability to a celebration of elite sports.

We responded with a single, integrated site on a completely new SOON_ developers publishing platform with a radically simplified interface. We created a purer, highly accessible experience, with all Game and Event content incorporated into one site - tailored for PyeongChang 2018 but with one eye on Tokyo 2020.


Design Approach

Designed around the concept of Game-specific content cards, we built up a standardised, consistent design language allowing users to rapidly digest and navigate the site. We also improved the ability for users to navigate across content verticals by introducing a dynamic tagging system to richly interconnect content at a data level. Behind the scenes, the site leverages the latest technical paradigms embracing micro-services architecture and Google Kubernetes to manage provisioning and the demands of peaky traffic. Even keeping the site updated has been streamlined, with content delivered effortlessly through a custom designed modular publishing system.



We believe in accessibility on any project but working with the British Paralympic Association this took on new meaning. Starting at a design-philosophy level, we focussed on simplifying the interface down to it’s absolute most minimal form. Every interaction on every device is tailored for maximum usability in addition to hitting the highest levels of WCAG/WAI-ARIA compliance. The design itself embraces accessibility through strong contrast, clarity and careful construction to allow a best-in-class experience for assisted browsing and screen readers.

“The brand refresh undertaken by SOON_ has given us a clean and fresh look that still retains a link with the proud history of ParalympicsGB. We are delighted with the way it works across a range of applications and it has proven equally dynamic and impactful in both print and digital executions.”

Paul Cox - Head of Communications, British Paralympic Association
  • 2 Lovie Awards
  • 3 W3 Awards
  • 2 Online Awards

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