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The world's events in your pocket.

Defining the UI Concept

User Experience

REVL started as a blank sheet of paper. Working directly with the founders of the business we mediated to turn their ideas into a visible reality - iterating on an interface that brought unique features like curated playlists of events to the forefront in a light touch interface that coped with vast amounts of Event data.

Developing Uniqueness

Interface Design

Everything about REVL is big and bold. The interface uses a strong palette and highly detailed interaction design that makes it simple to discover, curate and attend events. The interface was designed as a modular set of graphic components that could then be utilised to create any required layout as it was built.

Kickstarting the events business of the future


REVL has been highly successful. Entering an overcrowded market is tough, but after a successful seed round, REVL raised £2.4m in Series A. With strong growth projected in 2017 we look forward to REVL expanding further.

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